Acrylics Pouring Techniques

A follow-on from Acrylics Pouring Essentials.

This course follows on from my foundation course Acrylics Pouring Essentials and will teach you easy techniques to get started in working with liquid acrylics. I will show you how to create amazing effects using everyday tools like drinking straws, paper towel, colanders and string.

If you are new to working with liquid acrylics I recommend that you do my Acrylics Pouring Essentials course first to learn the basics of mixing the paint and preparing work surfaces.

Intended Audience: Beginners, hobbyists

Course outline - part 1
Course outline - part 2
Before you start
Dirty pour
Balloon smash
Palette knife
Bubble wrap
Reverse bubble wrap
Blown flower
String pull 1
String pull 2
Turn table
Paper towel swipe
Choosing a colander
Colander pour 1
Colander pour 2
Dipped canvas
Marbled explosion
Crackle effect

What's included

  • 21 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Skye Bothma